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6th February 2020

The Embrace Founders traveled through Morocco the end of December2019 and January 2020. See: TRAVELING IN MOROCCO 2020 article with many photos in CELEBRATE HUMANITY


14h August 2019

The Embrace Founders have written a message of immediate relevance with background information and follow-up references regarding the current world situation with respect to the: U.S., Nuclear Labs, War, Oil, Iran and China in the FOCUS section of the menu, just above the article: Celebrating Diversity in the Muslim World (with The Dalai Lama.)

8th June 2019

Embrace has concluded uploading the last batch of photos from the Founders trip to  Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Cyprus and Lebanon into the EmbraceSacredPlaces.Org. website.

EmbraceSacredPlaces.Org now has approximately
10,000 photos. Please feel free to use any photos for educational purposes or entrepreneurial ventures. We know that for many people including most children one photo is worth a thousand words, so please share this website with educators and anyone who might enjoy it and benefit from it.  Many of the churches and of course, caves, are very dark making it extremely difficult to photograph. In at least a few places we took a chance photographing in literally pitch black darkness. Amazingly, quite a number of the photos were retrieved! We are sorry that some of these photos are grainy, but without them, the viewer would lose an important dimension of the sacred site.

The following is the last installment of sacred places from: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Cyprus & Lebanon.

38 Samtavro Church – Mtskheta, Georgia (Christian)
39 Sioni Cathedral – Tblisi, Georgia (Christian)
40 Somunca Baba Shrine – Darande, Turkey (Islam)
41 St. Gregory & St Elie Armenian Catholic Cathedral – Beirut Lebanon – (Christian)
42 St. George’s Catholic Church – Lebanon (Christian)
43 St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church – Lebanon (Christian)
44 St. John’s Basilica – Turkey (Christian)
45 St. Paul’s Well (& Family Home) Turkey (Christian)
46 St. Peter’s Cave Church – Turkey (Christian)
47 Svetitskhoveli Cathedral – Georgia (Christian)

Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Lebanon & Cyprus

1 Abraham’s (Ibrahim’s) Cave  - Sanliurfa, Turkey (Jewish, Christian & Islam) INTERFAITH
2 Al Omari Grand Mosque - Beirut, Lebanon     ISLAM
3 Amir Assaf Mosque - Beirut, Lebanon  ISLAM
4 Anchiskhati Bascilica - Tblisi, Georgia  CHRISTIAN
5 Armenian Cathedral of St Elias & St. Gregory  - Beirut, Lebanon  CHRISTIAN
6 Ayia Napa Monastery & Church - Ayia Napa, Cyprus  CHRISTIAN
7 Bagrati Cathedral - Kutaisi, Georgia CHRISTIAN
8 Beit Rachel Synagogue (a.k.a. Ashkenazi Synogogue) - Tblisi, Georgia JUDAISM
9 Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque) - Istanbul, Turkey  ISLAM
10 Cana (Qana) Cave - Cana, Lebanon CHRISTIAN
11 Cave Churches - Gorme, Turkey CHRISTIAN
12 Church of Santa Maria Draperis -Istanbul, Turkey CHRISTIAN
13 Davit Gareja Caves & Lavra Monastery - Border  Azerbaijan & Georgia CHRISTIAN
14 El Maqam of Imam Bahaa Ed-Din el Ta'i el Samouqi -Sharon Lebanon  DRUZE
15 El-Maqqam of Lady Sarah  -  Dahr El Ahmar  Lebanon  DRUZE
16 Gelati Monastery - Kutaisi, Georgia CHRISTIAN
17 Great Tblisi Synagogue - Tblisi, Georgia  JUDAISM
18 Ateshgah Fire Temple - Suraxani, Azerbaijan ZOROASTRIANIAM
19  Aya Triada Greek Orthodox Church - Istanbul, Turkey CHRISTIAN
20 Gorme Cave Churches - Gorme, Turkey CHRISTIAN
21 Gumusler Cave Monastery - Nigde, Turkey CHRISTIAN
22 Haci Bektas Velli Tekke & Dargah - Haci Bektas, Turkey ISLAM
23 Hagia Sophia - Istanbul, Turkey (Christian & Islamic) INTERFAITH
24 Hala Sultan Tekke - Larnaka Salt Lake, Cyprus   ISLAM
25 Job’s (Prophet) Cave & Mosque - Sanliurfa, Turkey (Jewish, Christian, Islam) INTERFAITH
26 Jvari Church - Mtskheta, Georgia CHRISTIAN
27 Kalendarhane Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey ISLAM
28 Our Lady of Lebanon -Harissa,  Lebanon CHRISTIAN
29 Suleymaniye Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey ISLAM
30 Meryimana House of Mary - Mt.  Coressos (Bulbul Dagi), Turkey    CHRISTIAN          
31 Metekhhi Church -  Tblisi, Georgia CHRISTIAN
32 Mir Movsum Agha -  Shuvalan, Azerbaijan ISLAM
33 Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque -  Beirut, Lebanon ISLAM
34 Patriarchy of Georgia’s Orthodox Church -  Tblisi, Georgia CHRISTIAN
35 Prophet (Nabi) Daniel’s Tomb - Tarsus, Turkey (Jewish & Christian) INTERFAITH
36 Rizvaniye Mosque & Mevlid i’Halil Mosque-  Sanliurfa, Turkey ISLAM
37 Rumi, Mevlana Jelaledin (Celaleddin)  - (Islam-Sufi) Konya, Turkey  ISLAM
38 Samtavo Church – Mtskheta, Georgia CHRISTIAN
39 Sioni Cathedral – Tblisi, Georgia CHRISTIAN
40 Somunca Baba Shrine – Darande, Turkey ISLAM
41 St. Gregory & St Elie Armenian Catholic Cathedral – Beirut, Lebanon CHRISTIAN
42 St. George’s Catholic Church – Lebanon CHRISTIAN
43 St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church – Lebanon CHRISTIAN
44 St. John’s Basilica – Turkey CHRISTIAN
45 St. Paul’s Well (& Family Home) Turkey CHRISTIAN
46 St. Peter’s Cave Church – Turkey CHRISTIAN
47 Svetitskhoveli Cathedral – Georgia CHRISTIAN

A small number of the sacred places only have a few photos. Embrace hopes to have these locations “filled in” with more donated photos at later dates.  We expect to receive additional photos from those reading and viewing this site.

The Founders took a couple of photos of the front of the Kutaisi Synagogue and those photos were put in photos under “Traveling in Georgia” and then they could not be relocated again. Anyone with good photos of Kutaisi Synagogue including the interior, (congregation from Georgia) please send them on.


4th April 2019

Embrace has uploaded new photos in Embrace Sacred Places. Org under Christianity, Interfaith (Prophet Daniel’s Tomb) and Islam.

Please note, we have moved Prophet Abraham’s (Nabi Ibrahim’s) Cave and Prophet Job’s (Nabi Ayyoub’s) Cave to the INTERFAITH section. Find them in the TURKEY – Sanliurfa section.

NOTE: The Rizvaniye Mosque that is part of the Prophet Ibrahim (Nabi Abraham) Cave Complex is listed under ISLAM.

Prophet Abraham (Nabi Ibrahim), Prophet Job (Nabi Ayyoub) and Prophet Daniel (Nabi Daniel) are revered by Jewish, Christian and Islamic peoples. (However Prophet Daniel is not in the Holy Qu’ran.)

The Following Sacred Places Have Been Added:

Meryimana House of Mary – (Christian) Mt.  Coressos
(Bulbul Dagi), Turkey               

Metekhhi Church – (Christian) Tblisi, Georgia
Mir Movsum Agha – (Islam) Shuvalan, Azerbaijan
Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque – (Islam) Beirut, Lebanon
Patriarchy of Georgia’s Orthodox Church – (Christian) Tblisi, Georgia
Prophet (Nabi) Daniel’s Tomb – (Interfaith) Tarsus, Turkey
Rizvaniye Mosque – (Islam) Sanliurfa, Turkey
Rumi, Mevlana Jelaledin (Celaleddin)  – (Islam-Sufi) Konya, Turkey


March 15th. 2019

The following new locations have been uploaded:

1 Ateshgah Fire Temple – Suraxani, Azerbaijan
2 Aya Triada Greek Orthodox Church – Istanbul, Turkey
3 Gumusler Cave Monastery – Nigde, Turkey
4 Haci Bektas Velli Tekke & Dargah – Haci Bektas, Turkey
5 Hagia Sophia – Istanbul, Turkey
6 Hala Sultan Tekke – Larnaka Salt Lake, Cyprus
7 Job’s (Prophet) Cave & Mosque – Sanliurfa, Turkey
8 Jvari Church – Mtskheta, Georgia
9 Kalendarhane Mosque – Istanbul, Turkey
10 Our Lady of Lebanon -Harissa,  Lebanon
11 Suleymaniye Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey

IMPORTANT  !Please Read for Sacred Place Searches!

We would like to note that there has been an on-going debate as to whether Prophet Abraham’s (Nabi Ibrahim’s) cave and Prophet Job’s (Nabi Ayyoub, Eyoub’s) cave in Turkey should be listed under ISLAM due to special mosques associated with them, or under INTERFAITH as Judaism, Christianity and Islam all revere these prophets.

We’ve decided to list the caves of Prophet Abraham Nabi Ibrahim) & Prophet Job (Nabi Ayyoub)  under
INTERFAITH. We’ve noted increased numbers of Christians who are paying their respects to these shrines in recent months. The Turkish people have created beautiful parks and mosques associated these sacred places of upliftment that people of all three faiths can admire and experience.

Link -  http://www.embracesacredplaces.org/

Embrace Sacred Places. Org. seeks to photograph as many details as possible on many sites so that people who can not travel can get a better idea of what the location actually looks like. We also wish to record details due to the danger of ecological damage, wars and natural disasters, so that the public can have a record of many of the world’s sacred sites. In addition, if at any time a site needs to be rebuilt a little of the information photographed will hopefully assist in the endeavor. Lastly, we would like to provide a wide selection of photos that anyone can use for educational purposes or for promotional purposes for entrepreneurs that could use free photographs for their websites, brochures or business cards. 
We will announce each group of new listings as they are uploaded.
11th  March 2020

The Embrace Founders, Ajata and Virginia have returned from visiting the Monasteries of St. Paul and St. Anthony (the anchorite, of Thebes) in Egypt. See: Traveling in Coptic Egypt 2020 in CELEBRATE HUMANITY section of the website.
26th April 2020

The Embrace Founders have returned after 3 months in Africa visiting: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Zambia, Mozambique & South Africa. See: the CURRENT for further photos and information about these countries.
4th. June 2020

Traveling in Tunisia under CELEBRATE HUMANITY with many new photos.
26th June 2020

See the Embrace Founders adventures in Zambia in Traveling in Zambia under CELEBRATE HUMANITY with a short video of sacred Mosi oa Tunya (Victoria Falls) and more inspiration and information on Tikondane.
20th August 2020

See the new article and photos on TRAVELING IN SOUTH AFRICA 2020 under the section in the website, CELEBRATE HUMANITY.
6th November 2020

For Embrace’s international readers who wish to understand what is going on in the United States and for American’s themselves, Embrace has written an article entitled:
The Deconstruction of America (& the Possible Reconstruction.) Which has an historical focus on the current almost all-pervasive corruption of the American institutional system.

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NEW ! Important: See: “The Deconstruction of America" (& the Possible Reconstruction) in FOCUS SEE: - Traveling in Africa - 2020 - under CELEBRATE HUMANITY