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Embrace Foundation wishes to encourage people everywhere to consider taking on  the role of "Grassroots  Diplomacy."

We are asking people to  Travel as an Interfaith  Act. We do not believe that propaganda in any country  should dictate to humanity who they should love and who they should not. People  every where must think for themselves and make a distinction between grassroots   humanity and governments and those with political agendas.    With the constant threat of environmental destruction, population pressure,  the greed of developers everywhere and the dropping of bombs in many parts of  the world, we feel cataloging the sacred and spiritual places of the world, both  man made and natural, is imperative.

Embrace has therefore created a web-based REGISTRY found  at Embracesacredplaces.org  representing  religions and  spiritual traditions from around the world. Descriptions of  the places and their  significance are included. All photos can be  downloaded free of charge.  Donations of clear digital photos to our gallery  are very much welcomed to help  us to do this important work.

"If I had a choice between sending someone to travel the world and sending him to college, I would send him around the world. You will learn far more about the world by traveling, far more about your own life, what the future of the world is. More solutions to problem like global warming, poverty, and war would result if people did more traveling, because that is how you find out that others are just like you. They want peace. They want decent jobs. They want to make the world a better place for their children. Having traveled all these years, I have concluded that the citizens of the world are far more open and tolerant and hospitable than governments, overall. Most people are kind, generous, and open-hearted. They really want to welcome you. What is interesting is that the poorer the country, the more generous the people. That is one of those remarkable things in life.”

Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report
Interview in National Geographic Traveler

In the current world economy it is difficult for many people to travel overseas. However, in the United States on the televised Public Broadcasting System there are now new wonderful travel shows that emphasize not only heritage sites around the world but more importantly the diversity and beauty of cultures everywhere. These shows indicate a real love of humanity, humor and are lessons in being true "Grassroots Diplomats."

Many of the shows are donated to the Public Broadcast System (PBS) and we hope that all these shows will be subtitled and distributed throughout the entire broadcast world. In addition, the DVDs of the programs can often be borrowed from public libraries in America or purchased at bookstores.

Outside the United States (America) you may go to their websites listed below and purchase their DVDs and read articles. We are listing them in alphabetical order, because we love them all equally. We are also noting 1 or 2 of our favorite episodes.
The Nigerian Episode

Joseph  Rosando's
Guatemala,  Papua  New Guinea
The Following Pages Have  Recommendations from the Embrace Founders -

* To see photos and information about the Founder's travels in Syria and Jordan in 2010, click here to go to CURRENT in Embrace Foundation Archives.org.
Embrace Foundation is a non-profit, educational foundation set up to create better understanding between people of different religions, cultures, traditions and world philosophies.

Embrace Foundation works to bring leaders and scholars of world-wide religions, cultures and philosophies together by sponsoring forums, seminars, lectures and developing an international exchange program. Embrace Foundation is particularly concerned with reaching the world public through the media.
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Travel As An Interfaith Act
Embrace encourages all who can do so, to learn about other traditions and cultures by traveling as “Grassroots Diplomats.” We hope that people every where become life long students of our world-wide humanity.

“ In every man there is something wherein I may learn of him, and in that I am his pupil.”
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