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Great Visions Television - Guests Prepare - Rabbi Carlebach & Imam Kauser
Embrace Foundation gave media awards for a number of years. We developed a criteria for more accurate and fair reporting on issues where people from different cultures and/or religions are in conflict.

Presenting media awards was labor intensive and required much time as it involved monitoring many newscasts and reading numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

In addition, virtually all of the U.S. media and much of the European media is owned by large corporations. A media award given for one excellent article or newscast did not offer enough incentive for the corporate news media to continue to do what was morally right.

In fact, some of the corporations owning news media also own divisions that are financially invested in conflict. They benefit monetarily in a very substantial way from conflict, so rewarding one good deed in the midst of many bad ones was in the end, hypocritical.
Now days, there are many news sources available to people all over the world via the internet. Below we have reproduced our Embrace Foundation Media Awards brochure. This indicates criteria we looked for to access stories that reflected true journalism and fairness in

Following the Media Awards information, we offer a cross-section of media links to a wide range of international media.

It is critically important that individuals worldwide make an effort to become well informed and draw intelligent conclusions.


Media Awards

Propaganda as Violence

Media Links

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Embrace Foundation works to bring leaders and scholars of world-wide religions, cultures and philosophies together by sponsoring forums, seminars, lectures and developing an international exchange program. Embrace Foundation is particularly concerned with reaching the world public through the media.
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