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Embrace recommends media that covers global stories and global news of consequence. We are  
especially interested in facts being presented in news stories rather than commentary. Commentary  
is not journalism. The world public needs information that is useful in drawing balanced conclusions  
based on what they read, hear or view.

Media impartiality can be jeopardized by the sale of a media outlet to new owners with an agenda,  
by pressure from sponsors, advertisers and governments. It is important that you keep this in mind  
while reading information from a variety of sources. We will try to adjust the links as we see changes  

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The Embrace editors would like to state, that factual reporting, free of propaganda is becoming increasingly  
difficult to find in the Western Media including broadcast media sponsored by government institutions in  
countries such as Britian and the United States. However, for those who would like to understand what is actually  
going on in these countries, there are reporters and serious information talk show hosts from across the political  
spectrum in the U.S. - from conservative to progressive to libertarian that have remained unstintingly truthful and  
have resisted bribes, blackmail and persevered despite being spied on.

From the Conservative side there is Pat Buchannan
From the Libertarian side there is Justin Raimondo
From the Liberal side there is Seymour Hersh

There  are also Paul Craig Roberts and Prof. Michel Chossudovsky who are occasionally more passionate  in  
their language, but who non-the-less speak the truth.

Africa Review.com

Al-Monitor - The Pulse of the Middle East

All Africa.com

Asia Times

Asian Tribune

China Daily - Chinese Gov. POV

Doha News

Ellen Brown.com - Finance

Failed Bank

Failed Bank List

Federation of American Scientists


Global Research (Non-Profit H.Q. Cananda)

Inter Press Service (Non-Profit H.Q. in Spain)

Middle East Monitor

New Scientist
Embrace Foundation is a non-profit,  
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Embrace Foundation works to bring  
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religions, cultures and philosophies  
together by sponsoring forums,  
seminars, lectures and developing  
an international exchange program.  
Embrace Foundation is particularly  
concerned with reaching the world  
public through the media.
Embrace Foundation is an all  
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Embrace Foundation does not and  
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Oakland Institute.org

Palestine Chronicle.com

Positive News

PressTV - Iranian Gov. POV

European Roma Rights Centre - (News on Romani)

Rt News - Russian

Science Daily

The Africa Report

The Hindu

The National

The East African

The Jakarta Globe - Indonesia



Embrace does not support any media commentaries that advocate violence, particularly those advocating the use of the United States to achieve the political ends of "special interest" groups through violence. Hence, we have removed some media web sites from our recommended media list.

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