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Imam Kauser & Rabbi Carlebach
Embrace Foundation monitors the news media for objective coverage of stories dealing with conflict between people of different cultures and religions. In 1987 Embrace began teaching individuals in non Western nations methods for working with local and international media.

Embrace advocates human rights issues when they deal with confrontation between people of different cultures or religions. Embrace does not get involved with political human rights cases. The Bahai' community has credited Embrace with appealing to the Iranian government which helped stop the murder of 9 Bahai members during Khomeini's reign. We also took on the cause of many other groups, including the; Tibetans and Bosnians.

Embrace organizes and hosts special events for religious leaders and scholars: such as the "International Press Conference For Religious Peace" held at the UN Chapel, the "Women In Religion Tea" held in at La Belle Epoque, the "Religion, Spiritual Organizations & Ethics" High Tea held at the Waldorf=Astoria.

By far our most critical work lies in networking religious leaders and scholars of all faiths and cultural traditions around the world with one another. It also refers their names and addresses for international conferences, schools and organizations seeking speakers for specific topics.

Embrace Foundation has created the Embrace Gallery of Sacred Places which is not only a place to enjoy the beauty found in religious and spiritual shrines and pilgrimage places around the world, but a means of keeping a record (a Registry) of such sites world wide. We hope it serves as a reminder, to those who wish to launch more wars, the irreparable damage and permanent loss that such endeavors will likely cause. All photos on this site can be freely downloaded.

Embrace Foundation has also created the Embrace Foundation Gallery (of Limited Editions).  Photographs in this gallery are of precious natural settings, ruins and archeological sites. It is our hope that these sites around the world will be preserved and protected from war, ecological degradation and the greed of developers. If not, these photos and photographs like ours will be the only remembrance the world will have of these jewels. The limited edition photographs require a donation which helps fund our work.

Embrace has most recently created the Embrace Foundation Universal website which is setup to help the individual learn about sacred practices within many spiritual traditions. These practices range from yoga to recommended books. Because we believe the natural urge for self-improvement and learning is part of spirituality, we have most recently written two articles on walking book tours in India and in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In our minds learning itself is a sacred practice.

About Embrace


Embrace Foundation is a non-profit, educational foundation set up to create better understanding between people of different religions, cultures, traditions and world philosophies.

Embrace Foundation works to bring leaders and scholars of world-wide religions, cultures and philosophies together by sponsoring forums, seminars, lectures and developing an international exchange program. Embrace Foundation is particularly concerned with reaching the world public through the media.
Embrace Foundation is an all volunteer organization. All donations go directly to programs.

Embrace Foundation does not and has never given permission to any outside organization to solicit or receive contributions on our behalf.

All donations should be made to Embrace Foundation only via Paypal or by mail. All donations are tax deductible. A receipt will be emailed to you. Please click on the Pay Pal link below to Donate.
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