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Embrace Foundation is a non-profit, educational foundation set up to create better understanding between people of different religions, cultures, traditions and world philosophies.

Embrace Foundation works to bring leaders and scholars of world-wide religions, cultures and philosophies together by sponsoring forums, seminars, lectures and developing an international exchange program. Embrace Foundation is particularly concerned with reaching the world public through the media.
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Four Very Easy, Cheap, Profitable Ideas

In many non-Western nations millions of plastic bags line streets, highways and town centers as offensive litter. Plastic bags as litter are an eyesore and when burned they become an extremely toxic pollutant for the lungs, sinuses and bronchial tubes.  In many areas where plastic bags are burned,  the local people have to wear masks over their noses and mouths every time they go outside. 

Embrace wonders whether these bags could be collected, steam cleaned or boiled in scalding water and dried and then shredded to such a size that they do not make noise when moved.  The resulting plastic shred could be used for four  products.


A worldwide problem is noise pollution. This becomes even more apparent when you want to sleep at night.
It would be a simple matter to take shredded bags and stuff them into custom-measured lightweight, thin frames covered in fabric, quilt channels to hold the stuffing in place and slide them against windows resting on window ledges. Alternativley, the sound deadening panels could be suspended by hooks. They would be easy to take down during daylight hours and simple to store. This would be of particular benefit for those owning hotels and guesthouses in noisy areas. This window soundproofing will not deaden all sound but it will be a help in muting noise.


The same disinfected, shredded plastic bags could be sealed in large recycled plastic bags and inserted as waterproof insulation in buildings between outer walls and inner walls.  Often people in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and in the Southern Americas, construct buildings   of solid cement. However, if an interior wall can be constructed with plastic bag  insulation, it could modify extremes of temperature requiring less heat and offering some cooling effect.  This insulation could be sold domestically and internationally.  Otherwise, beautiful tapistries or applique quilts could be backed by larger versions of the soundproof panels creating more insulation in cement rooms.

Warmer Carpets

In many regions where the floors are cement or stone,  winter within a house is almost as bad as being without a home.  A thin four sided canvas bag about 6mm stuffed with shredded plastic bags could be stitched to the underside of carpets or constructed as a carpet itself, with a woven fabric topside.  This would offer children and babies a warmer play area in winter.  Anyone who has stayed in a cold, damp cement home during winter will understand the value of this.

Chair Pillows & Pet Pillows

The same concept applies to stuffing heavy fabric, beanbag style with shredded plastic for either Chair Pillows or Pet Pillow The advantage of these Chair Pillows or Pet Pillows is that fleas, ticks and lice can't live in them and the stuffing won't harbor mold or mildew. If the cover gets wet, one only needs to take the Chair Pillow/ Pet Pillow outside and let it dry quickly in the sun.

Most of these products can be made or manufactured as cottage industries, however the shedding process and the sealing of large plastic bags for insulation requires simple equipment which no doubt already exists for the manufacture of other types of products.

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