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Traveling in Singapore

Embrace Foundation is a non-profit,  
educational foundation set up to  
create better understanding  
between people of different  
religions, cultures, traditions and  
world philosophies.

Embrace Foundation works to bring  
leaders and scholars of world-wide  
religions, cultures and philosophies  
together by sponsoring forums,  
seminars, lectures and developing  
an international exchange program.  
Embrace Foundation is particularly  
concerned with reaching the world  
public through the media.
Embrace Foundation is an all  
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Travel As An Interfaith Act
Embrace encourages all who can  
do so, to learn about other  
traditions and cultures by traveling  
as “Grassroots Diplomats.” We  
hope that people every where  
become life long students of our  
world-wide humanity.

“ In every man there is something  
wherein I may learn of him, and in  
that I am his pupil.”
Embrace Humanity

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Kwan Im Tong Hood Cho Temple
Sri Krishna HIndu Temple
Sri Krishna HIndu Temple
Brahma - Hindu God with New Gold Leaf added to Face
Brahma - Hindu Aspect of the Divine that Chinese & The People of Thailand Like
Tie a Red Ribbon on K'ung-fu-tzu for Good Luck
Leong San Temple
Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple
Garden With Tibetan Prayer Wheel - Temple of the Tooth - Chinese Buddhist
Art from the Upstairs Museum of the Temple of the Tooth
The Temple of the Tooth Chinese Buddhist Temple
Temple of the Tooth
Chinatown - Singapore - During Chinese New Year
Chinatown - Singapore - During Chinese New Year
Sri Krihna Hindu Temple
Purchase a Red Ribbon & Tie it on a Statue of a Great Being
Lucky Red Ribbons tied around Chinese  Sage
Wish Fulfilling Red Ribbons Tied on a Great Sage
Singapore is Moving ahead with Progressive Ideas
Christmas at a Singapore Mall
Christmas at a Singapoe Mall
Cheerful Colors Uplift Everyones' Spirits
Sidewalk Shrine of Brahma (Hindu )
Beautifully Rennovated Old Building
Singapore uses Paint to Lift the Spirits of the People & Bring Joy Without a Lot of Cost

If you ever wondered what modern cities in the United States, the British Commonwealth and  
Europe would look like if they utilized urban planners, Singapore is your answer. It is one of the best  
planned cities in the world, logical, practical with great mass transit, wise use of harbor areas and  
lush plantings of trees and gardens that make the city a lot more than  an urban ghetto. Singaporean  
landlords also uplift the spirits of the public by using fresh, bright and contrasting paint on buildings.  
In a world that is becoming increasingly drab, this is a psychological lift.

The Following Descriptions of Spiritual Places are of Eastern traditions although there are both  
churches and synogogues in Singapore as well.

Singapore is a multicultural city like neighboring Malaysia, with a primary population base of   
Chinese, Malay and South Indians. Religious and spiritual traditions cross ethnic lines. All  
neighborhoods regardless of ethnicity are clean, trashless and neat - think Geneva and Beirut.  It is  
vastly attractive and there are plenty of Chinese Temples (Buddhist and Traditional), Mosques  
(Malay, Indian with a Turkish Sufi neighborhood thrown in), Hindu Temples and various Churches  
as well as, Synagogues. In fact, we stayed in a hotel overlooking a Tibetan Temple whose  
congregation is entirely Chinese without any Tibetans whatsoever.

If you arrive by the airport, there are airport vans that will take you directly to any hotel, (except  
those on Santosa Island) for 8 Singapore dollars per person. Drivers, government clerks and the  
people are always polite and kind. The Founders visited the Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple during a  
Murugan celebration and were unexpectedly, but festively guided to banquet tables and seated  
where they were generously served a  multi-course meal by only men who were devotees. The  
hearts of people in spiritual and religious places in Singapore are exceedingly generous and they do  
not put business (as some people think of Singaporeans) above human relations, kindness or  

The Singapore government holds a strong belief in communications. They leave little to chance. It is  
not hard to become a native if you just follow the signs. Signs will tell you in three different  
languages, just what to do or not do and where to go or not go. This is the most organized city we've  
ever been in.  For example, if you have a backpack, you will find on all metro cars, a sign telling you  
to be polite and take your backpack off  so you don't knock a fellow passenger in the face. In the  
event, that you do not understand the language the sign is written in, there is (in this case) a  
drawing with a tall person having a backpack on their back turning and hitting a shorter individual in  
the face with it. If you, like ourselves, are a big believer in communications, considerate and  
thoughtful behavior throughout all shared public life, Singapore could be your paradise on earth.  
(Although we have to wonder just how many Westerners with backpacks have hit Singaporeans in  
face before this sign was designed and located throughout the entire metro system.)  Don't get us  
wrong, we think the Singapore authorities have the right idea and we can think of hundreds of cities  
throughout the world, such signage would definitely improve.
There are many, many sights in Singapore but the outdoor mall area between Bencoolen St &  
Queen St. with the  Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple and Sri Krishna (Hindu) Temple is an  
engaging and fun area filled with “Good Luck” opportunities.

These opportunities are presented in the form of lighting incense, donating small change, buying a  
red ribbon to decorate a statue of a Holy Personage;  Brahma, K'ung-fu-tzu,  (otherwise known as  
Confucius)  or even rubbing the belly of a Buddha in front of any number of shops. Any of these acts  
or a number of these acts could bring you all sorts of  luck. Of all people on the planet, the Chinese  
are possibly the biggest believers in “Luck” despite the fact (or possibly because of it)  they are  
usually nose-to-the-grindstone exceptionally hard workers.

Old Chinatown is a wonderful area with a South Indian Mosque going back to 1826 where you can  
speak with Haniff Sultan, the open-hearted Mosque Officer, available to help explain any thing about  
the mosque to visitors. Also in China Town is the not to be missed  beautiful, penultimate Chinese  
Temple - The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple with the incorporation of a Tibetan prayer wheel in the  
garden and an exquisite Buddhist Museum with donated objects from around the world.   

The Sultan Mosque in Singapore on Arab Street needs mentioning because many Malay attend it  
and it attracts an international crowd, including people from non-Arab  Africa. It was undergoing  
renovations so Embrace was unable to take photos of it.  However, this is the neighborhood where  
you will find lovers of the Mevlana Celaleddin (Jelaleddin) Rumi, the Turkish Sufi and founder of the  
Mawlawiya Order (often known as the “Whirling Dervishes”).
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