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Traveling in Singapore - 2017

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“ In every man there is something  
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that I am his pupil.”
Embrace Humanity

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Yueh Hai Ching Temple, Singapore
Kampong Kapor Methodist Church, Little India
Church of the True Light (Anglican)
Article by Methodist Minister in front of Sri Krishna Hindu Temple
Kum Yam Methodist Church
Cathedral of the Good Shepherd - Church of the Archdiocese - 1827 - Singapore
This Solar Garbage Compacter Also Gives Free WIFI ! -Orchard Street, Singapore
Free WIFI from Solar Garbage Compacter- Too Innovative !!!
Step on Pad to Make the Light Trees Dance ! Orchard St.- Singapore
Christmas on Orchard Street - Singapore
Christmas on Orchard Street - Singapore
Orchard Street Mall -Ballet Shop Decked out for Christmas- Singapore
Koi Pond in "Gardens by the Bay" - Singapore
Classic Old Singapore
Christmas on Orchard Street - Singapore
"May The Force Be With You" -Orchard Street Christmas - Singapore
Maghain Aboth Synagogue - A Very Unique Community of Sephardic & Ashkenazi influences - Singapore
"Gardens by the Bay" -  Aboreal Walkway & Towers for Vines -Singapore
Double Flower -"Gardens by the Bay" - Singapore
Gardens by the Bay at Christmas Time- Singapore
Exotic Masjid Sultan - (in the Heart of the Arab St. Tourist Center)- Singapore
Wardah (Means Rose in Arabic)  Bookshop - Singapore
Highrise as a Garden Refuge - Singapore
Fascinating Architecture - Street Scenes - Singapore
Multi-Cultural City - The Beautiful Synagogue is Now on Waterloo St.

Our friends in Singapore have one of the world’s most beautiful and well planned cities in the world.  
Many government planners, including most in the United States could learn a lot from them.

Since, the last write-up in 2015-16 in CELEBRATE HUMANITY - Singapore concentrated on the  
Eastern Traditions, this time we have included a number of photos of churches, (This year  
Singapore went all out for Christmas decorations on Orchard Street - see above photos). We also  
have a photo of the Maghain Aboth Synagogue and a photo of the Masjid Sultan which was being  
renovated in 2015-16. (Above) The Masjid Sultan is always crowded with people both from the back  
side facing Arab Street (one of the main tourist destinations) and the street side. So taking photos is  

Government Communications, Population & Ad Campaigns

The government in Singapore apparently believes in strong media communications to keep the  
diverse and multi-cultural residents feeling like an active part of the decision making process. Many  
notices and ads regarding job fairs and other public services, opportunities and decisions are aired  
on Singapore television with numerous ways for citizens to register their opinions on matters -  or  
participate in civic opportunities.

One curious dual ad campaign offered by the government sponsors parent meetings to discuss the  
future career opportunities for their children. The ads speak of a near future where scientists  
(Stephen Hawking among them) predict that robots will soon replace human workers in large  
numbers. The general estimate at present being the elimination of 5.1 million jobs by 2020,  
including those of engineers and doctors.

Yet, oddly the government is strongly promoting special financial aid and tax relief for Singaporean  
couples to enable them to have more children(? ! )  The elimination of many jobs is clearly  
already happening in Singapore according to their public service ads and is definitely an  
issue in the United States with an estimated 102 million working age people unemployed.  
(Embrace Foundation addressed some solutions to this issue in our website section entitled:  
Ethical Economics.)

A Beautiful Synagogue and Unusual Jewish Community

Maghain Aboth Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in East Asia. (1878 ) It was founded by  
Sephardic Jews (from the Middle East) but their current Rabbi attended the Ashkenazi Chabad -  
Lubavitch theological college in Brooklyn.  (The Lubavitch are a new Hasidic movement based on  
an old lineage of rebs originally from the Eastern European/ Russian tradition founded by the  
Great Baal Shem Tov of Ukraine.) The Sephardic and Hasidic traditions are totally distinct so it is  
fascinating that this synagogue has united with their current rabbi.  Until we read about their rabbi,  
we were quite confused about the Yiddish terminology and Hasidic practices discussed in their  
website.  Although the original synagogue was on Synagogue Street (1841 -see photo of sign) the  
new synagogue was built on Waterloo Street just down from the famous Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho  
Temple and the Sri Krishna Hindu Temple.

Gardens By the Bay & the Botanical Garden- A Reminder of Our Planets Verdant Heritage

It would be remiss not to mention the 250 acre “Gardens By the Bay.”  This tropical botanical  
extravaganza should not be missed. There is also an exceptionally beautiful UNESCO World  
Heritage Site - Botanical Garden with so many species of orchids, we can not even speculate as to  
their number.  Singapore is the hot and humid tropics so take the opportunity to see what is truly  
unique and special about this part of the world.

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